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Vol. 2 : I-II 2010-2011

Published issues

Space, time, semiotics

This issue is dedicated to the semiotics of space as to the semiotics of time. As there are spatial forms, there are temporal forms, which are articulated in the production of the meaning of the human artefacts.

Space, time, semiotics
Pierre Pellegrino

Semiotization : Contemporaneous time
and social space real meaning
Juan Guillermo D. Droguett

Semiotics : from cosmos to okos,
an architecture of the knowledge
Emmanuelle P. Jeanneret

Form as a sign inverted space
B. Pagand

On visual-spatial codes in architecture
Leonid Tchertov

Drawing Strategies:
Schematic thought in architecture
Pierre Boudon

Architectural conception,
semiotic approach
Albert Levy

Journey to the south of the world:
a language adventure.
Rodrigo Saavedra Venegas

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