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Vol. 1 : I 2008-2009

Published issues

Land Architecture

This issue of ELSA introduces the relation between land and architecture. In this topic the environmental project is articulated to the architectural object in a deconstructive and constructive way.

Architecture, territory, habitat and environment,
Pierre Pellegrino

The territorialization of the city and the new forms of representation
Giancarlo Motta and Antonia Pizzigoni

Strategic urban green

M:S Arch. Kamil Bernacki

Change and transformation trends between the space, the project, and social groups
Nora Elena Mesa Sánchez

2nd award ICAR—CORA, 2007
International Council for Architectural Research

To inhabit inspiration / building up myth. Artist's maison-ateliers between the wars
Jorge Tárrago Mingo

Project: : discourse, conception, decision
Albert Lévy

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