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Vol. 1 : II 2008-2009

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Urban Settlement

The high scale projects give an orientation to the development of a city or an area for one duration of several decades. To give an adequate framework of life to the man of today and tomorrow, it is essential to seize the impact of new constructions on the environment. To measure this impact, one will pose as a preliminary that the first material of urban development is not the brick, the concrete or glass, but initially and especially the territory, in its economic and social form as much as material. Before giving form to a substance, the city takes form while being confronted with what surrounds it, a context. Expressing a form in a presence or recalling it by an absence, it is in a context that a project of architecture contributes to give a measurement to the human habitat.

Introduction to an epistemology of built environments
Emmanuelle P. Jeanneret

“Concrete Art” in Concrete. The Brazilian Museum of Sculpture (MuBE), Paulo Mendes da Rocha
Claudio Conenna

Topos and Architecture

Nikos Kalogirou

The european town square as an ideal place, or Camillo Sitte revisited
Bertrand Levy

Conceptual structures of architectural thought :
Leon Battista Alberti - Etienne Louis Boullee—Le Corbusier
Nikolaos –Ion Terzoglou

Instrumentalisation of natural sciences for the reconstruction of architectural knowledge : Lissitzky, Doesburg, Meyer, Teige

Ulku Incekose

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