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Vol. 1 : III-IV - 2009-2010

Published issues

Hypermodernity project

The phase of hypermodernity is marked by certain characteristics such as the liquidity of limits, mobility, the dominance of networks and of the virtual, the transformations of space, changes in the public domain, the urban sprawl, the consumer culture. Architecture is involved in this process by expressing with its form and content the new concepts and practices of “global” culture. This double volume of the review seeks to contribute to the discourse concerning the issues of contemporary architectural design.

The mutated unity of contemporary architecture
Panayotis Tournikiotis

The architectural object as a means of communication of hyper-modernity values.
Kyriaki Tsoukala

The body and the artefact.
Re-considering the materiality of architecture in the digital era
Maria Voyatzaki

Ben van Berkel. A brief presentation
Nikos Kalogirou

Ben van Berkel. Interview: 12-11-2005, Thessaloniki
Dimitra Chatzisavva, Eleni Vlachonasiou

Architecture and process in Enric Miralles:
Some notes on the gestation of the Scottish Parliament project

Montserrat Bigas Vidal

Project, city and landscape.
Juan Navarro Baldeweg’s Conference and Exhibition Hall in Salamanca
Covadonga Lorenzo Cueva

Reshaping the coastal area
Titie Papadopoulou

Envelopes of light
Franca Pittaluga

Thoughts on the brand-scapes’ “architecture”
Maria N. Daniil

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