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Vol. 2 : III-IV 2010

Published issues

Forms of patrimony

The ways to perceive and to try to give a sense to heritage are therefore multiple. It is all at once a reminder, the root and the origin, a support for collective memory as well as a role model, an example for the future, the go-between between yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Architectural heritage: from form to sense
Bernard Pagand

Space, time, architecture
Pierre Pellegrino

Containers of memory

Justin Ion Baroncéa

Heritage, a matter of position
Jaume Franquesa i Bartolomé
Marc A. Morell i Tipper

Project and History: Towards a Human Place
Carlos Alberto Tostado Martínez

Heritage & Regeneration:
Case of urban regeneration of Pispala, Finland

Karine Dupré

Borrowing modes of patrimonial
reference as signifier of architectural form

Olfa R. Mezziou Baccour

In balance with the contours.
The architecture de Juan Navarro Baldweg

Lorenzo Covadonga

Destiny of traces. A study of Peter Eisenman’s thinking
approach of “conceptual” architecture and its forms

Alexis Meier

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