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Vol. 3 : III-IV 2011-2012

Published issues

This issue is dedicated to the computer design tools for the knowledge and the development of design processes of architectural form.

Designing inside the Chinese room
Kostas Terzidis

Formalization of architectural knowledge
Pierre Pellegrino

Metaconception. Evolutionary tooling of the creative design process
Philippe Marin, Jean-Claude Bignon, Hervé Lequay

Creative harnessing of matter
Dr. Maria Voyatzaki

The architect’s cognitive space
from the semantics of the ‘Vocabulaire de l’architecture’
Mario Borillo & Jean-Pierre Goulette

Architectural intelligence : InPad, towards a package of design tools
Emmanuelle P. Jeanneret

Description logics and architectural conception
Mathieu Vonlanthen

Spatial allocation in rectangular floor plan
Krishnendra Shekhawat

When a new tool arrives on the market, it corresponds to a trend, as it reflects the technological possibilities specific to an epoch. Any tool, and it is the case of analogical or digital tools, relies upstream on concepts, which, themselves, make possible reasonings reflecting a certain vision of the world.
The invention of new concepts will produce the design of new tools, able to take charge of new reasonings, in order to meet the expectations of a world in perpetual quest for meaning. It will act thus, in particular, in the future to develop more the work on the relation between topology and geometry, with ontologies at their interface, describing the architectural knowledge. It will not only be a question of producing tools made up of concepts, but also the reasonings of a know-how.
One will see it by reading several of the texts which compose this issue of ELSA, an artificial intelligence must allow to suggest coherent solutions, in the course of drawing. An ontology of the architectural knowledge and computational reasoners will help to make new inferences, based on controlled knowledge, to build the unknown, an unknown whose embryonic figure already exists in works of reference (heritage) recognized, reasoned, admired.

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